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Force Sales Group Inc. is a committed group of sales professionals, with many years of experience in distribution, manufacturing, and brokerage. We focus on sourcing local and global products, as well as being environmentally friendly.

Why us

Force sales Group deals directly with chain head office buyers and key decision makers, and we have developed lasting relationships. We determined there was an opportunity to offer contracts directly with the chain restaurants' head office. Our first business opportunity was selling Baker Potatoes to the Keg restaurants chain in BC.

The Future

Our future vision is to grow with more people and lines that help the chain restaurant buyer. As owners, Ken and Dale want to attract new business partners who want to start their own business with the FORCe. We will provide the office, relationships and understanding of the industry. Ask us for more details.

Our Leadership Team

Ken Vaughan

Founding Partner 604-817-1717 ·

Dale Meldrum

Founding Partner 604-649-1055 ·

Mike Duff

Sales and Marketing 778-288-9448 ·

Steve Tindle

Company Associate 604-313-1247 ·

Giving back

At FORCe Sales Group, we believe in giving back. View our video of our trip to Peru with our customers Craig Davies (Keg Restaurants), Nathan Little (Original Joes), and Lawrence Hawkins (Ricky's Restaurants).